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Jesus, the Good Shepherd


Arise to Wholeness


• Awareness sessions
• Counseling
• Skill Training
• Capacity building
• Talks and group sessions
• Seminars
• Family visits
• Exposure visit
• Medical camp
• Prayer meetings
• Net working with other NGOs

Family Integral Development and Education Scheme - FIDES

•   To promote health and hygiene
•   To promote education for the less privileged through sponsorship programme
•   To find the drop outs and put them back to school More+

•   To organize and capacitate children, youth and women to realize their basic
    socio economic development.
•   To offer skill training for development and self employment.
•   To train women for income generation programmes.
•   To stop infant mortality.
•   To empower women through the formation of Self Help Groups and Women's Rights Education.
•   To empower young people with leadership training and value education.
•   To promote legal literacy and eco-awareness.
•   To instill saving habits.
•   To ensure quality of life for everyone.
•   To stop alcoholism
•   To help Young people to find jobs Hide


  • COVID-19 Emergency Relief activates in collaboration with NGOs
    Food kits and groceries distrusted to migrants, daily wages and slum dwellers. hanks to the support of ISI Bangalore, CDEW, INK Province- Salesian Sisters, ZOMATO through BREADS –SDB, Dream India,More+

  • Commencement of new batch of Quest skill Training
    The fourth Quest skill development training batch was began on 1 st August 2019. With the invocation of God’s assistance Sr. Alice welcomed the students to the Salesian family. She gave assuranceMore+

  • Training for society board members
    One day training of financial management of cooperative society bank was held on 18 th August 2019 for the society board members of Deenabandu Cooperative Society, Village and Jeeva jyothiMore+

  • Visiting Migrants at Doddanbana Colony
    On August 18 th 2019 a visit was made in Doddabanahalli colony by Sr. Venila and team with the purpose of understanding the needs of migrants and to support them to lead a healthy life.More+

  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony
    On 19 th August 2019 the 3 rd Batch of Quest Alliance 1 st April to 31 st July 2019, skill training programme students were awarded with the certificate of excellence. On this auspicious moment Sr. Monica Thomas the superiorMore+

  • Teacher’s day Celebration
    The Quest students took an initiative to celebrate the teachers day on 5 th September 2019. Quest students honoured their teachers and other staffs on the occasion of teacher’s day. Students performed different culturalMore+

  • Extracurricular Activity.
    Mr. Kulu a senior chartered accountant and an artist who volunteered to conduct a sessions on 9 th September 2019 for the quest alliance students. His active initiative to introduce the skill of drawing within the students..More+

  • MSW student’s visit
    13 MSW students from Claret College, Jalahalli, Bangalore came to our centre on 10 th September to study about FIDES activities accompanied by the facilitator Ms. Catherine. Through PowerPoint presentation we explained...More+

  • Ulsoor Youth Visit to Indiranagar
    Ulsoor youth girls visited the poor people who were staying on foot path at Indiranagar and shared their joy and services to them by providing food items and other game materials for children.They became a shelter for these poor people.More+

  • Free Eye Camp -21-09-2019
    The youth of Kaverinagr organized an eye camp with the support of Globe Eye Foundation for the people of the locality. 96 patients participated the camp around 16 patients were selected for cataract surgery.More+

  • “Youth for Nature".-29-09-2019
    It was a long awaited for all the young people who have been preparing for this Bosco Youth convention " Youth for Nature". There were around180 participants. Our Auxilium youth from FIDES were 35..More+

    On 15 th July 2019 three groups meetings were held at Hirandahalli. The Directress Sr. Agnes and other staff visited the groups. Sr. Venila motivated the group members to be present for the meetings...More+

    FIDES family celebrated the 9 th Death Anniversary of Sr. Nancy on 14 th July 2019 with the people from Villages, Ulsoor and Kaverinagr. A prayer service was conducted in three places followed by sharing...More+

    The building workers children who were roaming in the campus because their parents are at work were gathered by Sr. Agnes and Sr. Venila on 8 th July with the intention of teaching them to read and write...More+

    On 6 th July 2019 Sr. Venila, Bro. Asish along with other staff visited the village with the aim of starting the NCP group. As a first step the team approached the local people to get the support from them...More+

    On 3 rd July 2019 the Apex Body of Kaverinagar met. The volunteers from BBMP collaborated with FIDES to provide an input session for women on health and hygiene. The women benefitted...More+

    Sr. Agnes, Sr. Venila, Narayanaswamy and Jose Paul visited the families and groups of Cheemasandra on 30 th June 2019. The purpose of the visit was to know how many women participate in the meeting,...More+

    Planning and evaluation was held on 3 rd July 2019. The agenda of the meeting consisted of: Remembrance of the Death Anniversary of Sr. Nancy, Visiting Dental Doctor for voluntary service, Government school visit on August 15 th...More+

    The quest students from Avalahalli Centre were animated by Bro. Asish on 29 th June 2019. The session focused on communication skills, tips for reducing fear and uniqueness of human being. He also mentioned...More+

    Sr. Agnes, Sr. Venila and Mr. Jose Paul visited three village groups and some of the families on 26 th June 2019. The main motive of the visit was to rejuvenate the SHG groups. The meetings began with small prayer followed by welcome...More+

    On 26 th June 2019 the Quest trainees organised a "cooking without fire" competition. The students themselves had taken the initiative. They were divided into groups and each group did their best to compete with the others...More+

    Village youth meeting was held on 23 rd June 2019 under the guidance of Sr. Agnes, Sr. Venila and Bro. Asish . The meeting mainly concentrated on the orientation of village youth. The session was on the need to setting goals...More+

    on 22 nd June 2019 Sr. Agnes along with Sr. Venila and Mr. Jose visited the families at Budigere cross to organize the youth group and to get back the fallen families to the family of FIDES. The interaction with families and youth...More+

    The Quest Alliance trainees organised an awareness programme on the topic 'Best out of Waste' on 22 nd June 2019. They were divided into groups and were asked to make different items indicating the message...More+

    The staff meeting on 12 th June was begun with a song invoking the presence of God followed by a message delivered by Sr. Alice indicating the need to destroy the cloud of blindness and darkness in our lives which...More+

    Sr. Agnes and Sr. Venila met the students on 12 th June 2019. Sr. Agnes motivated the students to learn more and suggested to begin the practice of giving good, using it as an opportunity...More+

    On 11 th June 2019 the Apex Body meeting at Kaverinagr was conducted under the leadership of Sr. Agnes the Director and Sr. Alice. Mr. Samuel introduced the new sisters to the group. A brief history...More+

    The new Director Sr. Agnes and her collaborators Sr. Alice and Sr. Vennila were welcomed by the Apex Body and the SHG group members at Kaverinagar on 11 th June 2019. Sr. Alice addressed them...More+

    The Apex body members and few SHG members from Kaverinagar arranged a farewell meal for Sr. Sumi on 11 th June 2019. They recalled all what sister had done for the people of Kaverinagar, particularly...More+

    Mr. R K Prasad and Mr. Sundar from Hyderabad visited FIDES on June 9 th 2019. The new computer lab of FIDES was sponsored by Mr. R K Prasad the Founder and Manager of Commlab India...More+

    On 8 th June the FIDES Community along with all the sisters of the provincial house welcomed Sr. Agnes the new Director and her collaborators Sr. Vennila and Sr. Alice. Their wish to broaden...More+

    Sr. Sumi, the Directress of FIDES from 2012 to 2019 was given a farewell on 2 nd June 2019. The staff organized a small gathering of apex body members, youth along with Sr. Monica to express...More+

    At the summer camp held in Kaverinagar on 20 th and 21 st of May 2019 there were over 62 students. According to the guidance of Sr. Sumi the Directress, MSW Trainees from Sacred Heart College,...More+

    The summer Camp for the children of the villages was on May 18 th 2019. To begin with they had a session on life skills and life values by Ms. Deepa a volunteer. In her session she focused on...More+

    GEBe- Scholarship Volunteering Engagement Event was held on 27 th April 2019 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. Ms. Jyothi Guptha from United Way welcomed the Donors from General Electronics, Guests and other...More+

  • Planning and evaluation
    The planning and evaluation of FIDES staff was held on 4th April at FIDES. The activity of FIDES for the months of April and May was planned. During the evaluation more importance was given to the adoption... More+

  • Benefactors meeting with FIDES staff
    The benefactors from Italy visited FIDES and met the staff members of FIDES on 4th April 2019. The members of FIDES welcomed them, and proceeded by sharing their experience with staff. Dr. Vanitha the beneficiary... More+

  • Visit of benefactors at Kaverinagar
    Dr. Vanitha and her colleagues from Italy visited Kaverinagar on 3rd April 2019. The prime objective of the visit was to meet the children whom they are helping for education and to support new students... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation
    Planning for the month of March was mostly focused on the silver Jubilee of FIDES, which will be commenced on 31st March 2019. The management along with other coordinators planned the programmes and other... More+

  • Visit of benefactor at School
    On 6th March 2019 a visit was held by the benefactor Mr. Ajeesh, Sr. Sumi the Directress of FIDES and Mr. Jose Paul the project coordinator, at DeethyaVidyalaya. The main purpose of the visit was to help three... More+

  • Diamond Jubilee of Sr. Mary Manjil
    The diamond jubilee of Sr. Mary Manjil was celebrated on 5th March 2019 at FIDES within the management. The celebration began with prayer service led by Mr. Samuel followed by expressing our gratitude by wishing... More+

  • Free Eye camp in Kaverinagar
    FIDES conducted a free health camp on 28thFebruary with the support of globe eye hospital, Hoskote. The main motive or objective of the eye camp was to treat avoidable blindness like cataract and provide better vision... More+

  • Second volunteer meeting for Jubilee
    The next meeting of silver jubilee volunteers was held on 24th February 2019 at FIDES. The objective of the meeting was to enkindle the volunteers regarding their duties and responsibilities. There were 26 members... More+

  • Adoption money distribution
    The adoption money distribution of Village was held on 17th February 2019 at FIDES. Around 65 students received the money out of 165 students. The remaining students will be given the money in the following days... More+

  • Volunteers meeting for Silver Jubilee preparation
    As the silver jubilee is nearing, the volunteers from SGH group were called out on 16th February 2019 to allocate their responsibilities and bring in them the duties to be carried out during the Jubilee and before it... More+

  • Bore well sanction
    On 3rd February 2019 a bore well was sanctioned in the Punchayath for FIDES as the request was raised to MLA by Sr. Sumi the Directress of FIDES along with staffs. The local leaders helped to achieve the permission and fund... More+

  • Sky walk request for Bandapura
    FIDES under the leadership of Sr. Sumi and other staffs in collaboration with Political leaders Mr. Pappuanna and Mr. Manju met the highway officer on 2nd February 2019 for sanctioning of Bandapura skywalk for the people... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation
    The planning for the month of February was held on 2nd February 2019 at FIDES. The main focus of the planning was on silver jubilee celebration of FIDES. The responsibilities were divided and distributed... More+

  • Adoption money distribution
    The adoption money for the students was distributed on 29th January 2019 at Ulsoor. Around 107 children were given the money after they had completed their Easter letter. The parents or guardians were present to collect... More+

  • Follow up session
    The patients who were undergone the eye operation reached at office on 28th January 2019 under the guidance of Globe Eye Hospital. The patients were given all the instructions to get cured soon. Sr. Sumi the Directress along with... More+

  • Free Eye checkup medical camp
    On 27th January 2019, a free eye checkup medical camp was organized by FIDES at Kaverinagar slum. The medical team from Global Foundation Hospital, Hoskote initiated all the support by providing the doctors and nurses... More+

  • Silver Jubilee Eucharistic Celebration
    FIDES silver jubilee mass was celebrated on 26th January 2019 at Salesian sisters’ chapel. The main celebrant Fr. James and co celebrants from Kristu Jyothi College led the Mass by imparting good thought and wishes... More+

    The 7th mentorship program was held on 20thJanuary 2019 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The program started with registration. The session began with introductory speech and prayer by Sr. Deepa the project manager... More+

  • Adoption letter writing
    The Adoption letter writing for the adopted children was held in Ulsoor and KVN on 8th January 2019 onwards. The objective of this letter writing is to wish their benefactors on Easter. The children were gathered together with... More+

  • Apex body meeting
    Village apex body meeting of January month was held on 5th January 2019 at FIDES under the guidance of Sr. Sumi the Directress. The points for the discussion were: jubilee celebration of FIDES, opening the accounts... More+

  • NCP meeting and leadership Training
    ‘Children are the future of tomorrow’. On 5th January 2019 a NCP children’s gathering was held at Kaverinagar. This location is a slum where the necessary needs of the children are not fulfilled. They live in a place where there... More+

  • Christmas wishing at Provincial House
    December 20th was an occasion for the FIDES staffs to wish the Provincial and other sisters during the season of Christmas. Sister Celine Jacob the provincial together with other sisters given the gift and cakes for the staffs... More+

  • MSW Trainees
    The MSW students from Kristu Jayanti College started their concurrent fieldwork at FIDES on 18th December 2018. The objectives of this fieldwork are to study and part takes in all the activities of FIDES in the coming three months... More+

  • Christmas Celebration
    “Christmas is the time for sharing,” said by Sr. Monica the Superior of Provincial House. The Christmas Celebration and wishing of FIDES held on 16th December 2018 in Village and Ulsoor. The people from Village gathered... More+

  • Mentorship session on sales and marketing
    The 6th mentorship program was held on 16th December 2018 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The program started with registration. The session began with introductory speech by Mr. Jose Paul and Ms. Soumya delivered... More+

  • Board Meeting
    The village Society Board meeting was held on 13th December 2018 at FIDES. The board representatives gathered to discuss new initiatives and evaluate the previous month’s growth. There were seven board members... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation
    The monthly planning of December was held on 6th December 2018 at FIDES under the guidance of Sr. Sumi the directress. The agenda for the meeting was regarding the Christmas celebration and wishing of benefactors... More+

  • Apex body meeting of Village
    The apex body of Village SHG group was held on 1st December 2018 with 18 representatives of each groups. The meeting focused on the areas of opening account in society bank, taking membership in Cooperative society... More+

  • Planning and evaluation
    The planning of activities for the month of January 2019 was held on 31st November 2018 at FIDES. The meeting started with the invocation to God the Almighty. The agenda of meeting consisted of computer lab... More+

  • Bank Account Opening for the SHG groups under the co-operative society
    Under the leadership of Mrs. Seethamma and Mr. Samuel 5 groups opened their accounts in our cooperative society on 25th November 2018. Since FIDES staff is not always present in the office Mrs. Swopana has volunteered... More+

  • Career planning and Self - awareness
    “Without self-awareness we are as babies in a cradles”- Virginia Woolf The 5th mentorship program was held on 18thNovember 2018 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The programme started with registration... More+

  • Ending of Quest Alliance 1st batch training course
    First batch retail course ended on 15th November 2018. The batch consisted of 45 students. The process of placement is happening now. The students were given orientation on job skills and how to face interviews... More+

  • Youth Meeting and Awareness Session
    Youth committee meeting of Ulsoor, KVN and Village was held on 11th November 2018 under the leadership of youth committee leaders. The youth themselves arranged the meeting and initiated to conduct the meeting... More+

  • Apex Body Meeting
    On 3rd November 2018 the apex body of the village was held with 18 group members at FIDES. The meeting focused on different opinions and decisions. The leaders of the group critically evaluated the functions of the groups... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation
    Planning of November activities and evaluation of the previous month activities were held on 1st November 2018. The meeting started with the invocation of God amidst the gathering followed by the evaluation... More+

  • GE Mentorship Program on 21 - 10 - 2018
    The 4th mentorship program was held on 21st October 2018 in Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The programme started with registration followed by introducing the resource persons and welcoming the gathering by Ms. Jyothi Gupta... More+

  • General Body of Village
    General Body of Village group was held on 14th October 2018 at FIDES. There were 78 participants. The board members along with other group members initiated different aspects for the upcoming months. It was started... More+

  • Village Board Meeting
    On 7th October 2018 a village Board meeting was conducted. There were six board members for the meeting. The meeting started with a prayer followed by the welcome address by Ms. Seethamma. The meeting focused... More+

  • Fides Youth Committee Meeting
    October 7th 2018 was specifically for the youth committee members to gather and discuss some of the duties and regulations to be accomplished by the team members. The meeting started with prayer followed... More+

  • Apex Body Meeting of Village
    Apex body meeting of village SHG was organized on 6th October 2018 at FIDES office under the guidance of the Directress and FIDES staffs. There were 8 group members. The meeting put forwarded few discussions... More+

  • Apex Body Meeting at KVN
    Apex body of KVN was held on 3rd October at Kaverinagar office under the leadership of sr. Sumi the directress along with all the other staffs. The specific objectives of the meeting consisted of account opening... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation
    Planning and evaluation was held on 1st October 2018 at FIDES. The meeting started with the invocation of almighty. The evaluation consisted of many focus points like 5 group visits held at KVN and it’s effect... More+

  • Beginning of New VTC by Quest Alliance - 2018
    Retail Vocational Training started on 3rd of September 2018 at FIDES with the support of Quest Alliance. The trainers are Mr. Arun and Ms. Amala. It is free course for the students who are not able to afford a good job... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation - 2018
    The monthly planning and evaluation was held on 6th of September 2018 at FIDES with the presence of FIDES Directress, Sr. Sumi. The discussion involved main aspects like, to meet Nimbavali MLA and wish him... More+

  • Career Building - 2018
    Mahatma Gandhi said, "The future depends on what you do today". The mentorship programme for the student support participants was conducted on 16th of September 2018 at Avallahalli under the guidance of United way... More+

  • Awareness programme for the youth - 2018
    Dean Ornish said, "Awareness is the first step in healing". A youth awareness programme was held on 26th of August 2018 in FIDES for the youth of Ulsoor, Kaverinagar and 10 Villages. There were 83 participants... More+

  • Discussion on Jubilee Celebration of FIDES - 2018
    On 16th of August 2018, a small discussion was organized as one more step towards the Jubilee celebration. During the meeting, the day of jubilee celebration was announced as 27th of January 2019... More+

  • Birthday Celebration and Reception for FIDES staff - 2018
    The birthday remembrance of Sr. Nancy and reception for Mr. Jose Paul and Anu after their marriage was held on 14th august 2018 at KVN FIDES office. The day was blessed with Prayers and wishes... More+

  • Mentorship Programme Cum International Youth day Celebration - 2018
    “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin The second Mentorship programme that was held on 12th of August 2018 was also celebrated as International Youth day... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation - 2018
    A monthly planning for the month of August was held on 2nd of August 2018. The agenda for the meeting included the Awareness programme for the youth, Jubilee celebration of FIDES, new project for malnutrition of children... More+

  • Birthday Wishes to Sr. Monica - 2018
    Birthday of Sr. Monica was celebrated on 30th of July 2018. All the staffs along with the Directress, Sr. Sumi shared the moments of happiness with Sr. Monica. The occasion was filled with prayers and blessings... More+

  • Children’s meeting at KVN - 2018
    July 21, 2018 monthly meeting for children of KVN was held with 17 children. The children were filled with the information imparted by Bro. Jim Jose. The message of the session exhibited the importance of positive thinking... More+

  • Commencement of FIDES Jubilee - 2018
    “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” - Arthur Ashe. July 14th, on occasion of the death anniversary celebration of Sr. Nancy, the commencement of 25th Year... More+

  • 8th Death anniversary of Sr. Nancy - 2018
    July 14th was a day of remembrance on FIDES Foundress Sr. Nancy, on her 8th death anniversary celebration. The day was blessed with the prayers and venerations offered by the beneficiaries. The people who had experienced... More+

  • Planning and evaluation - 2018
    The planning and the evaluation for the month of July was held on 12-7-2018 under the guidance of Sr. Monica, Superior and Sr. Sumi, Directress along with all the FIDES staffs. The meeting put forwarded the agendas... More+

  • Apex body meeting of Village - 2018
    On 7th July 2018 the apex body members from village gathered together for discussing the upcoming activities of the group and the organization. There were 19 apex body members present for the meeting... More+

  • Inauguration of second phase of student support programme - 2018
    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca. Quoting the above mentioned statement indicates the new beginning of the journey of second phase of student support... More+

  • Adoption letter writing - 2018
    The distribution of the adoption money and letter writing of Ulsoor was held on 16th and 17th of June 2018. The scholarship amount was distributed for 115 students. There was a meeting held for the parents... More+

  • Adoption letter writing - 2018
    The adoption letter writing and the amount distribution for the students was held on 9th,10th and 11th of June for the students from Kaverinagar and Village. There were 140 students for receiving the adoption... More+

  • Apex body Meeting - 2018
    Apex body meeting at Kaverinagar was held on 6th June 2018 with the presence of Sr. Sumi and staffs along with 25 apex body members. In the meeting, the prime discussion was on the need to strengthen the groups and its... More+

  • Planning And Evaluation - 2018
    Planning and evaluation of the activities of FIDES was held on 4th June 2018. It was started with the invocation of God. The steps of planning were begun with the evaluation of the programme of the previous month... More+

  • Blessing of Kaverinagar office building - 2018
    13th May 2018 was a happiest moment for the FIDES organization on its new office-building in Kaverinagar was blessed. Sr. Celine Jacob the Provincial inaugurated the building, followed by Fr. Daniel, Parish priest... More+

  • Planning And Evaluation - 2018
    Planning For the month of May was formulated on 3rd May 2018 at FIDES. The meeting started with the invocation of God. Sr. Sumi, the Directress, gave introduction regarding the upcoming programs of the month... More+

  • Apex body meeting 2018
    Apex body meeting of the village group was held on 7th April 2018 under the leadership of Directress and staffs of FIDES. There were 12 participants in the meeting. The core points put forth for discussion included the need to open... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation -2018
    The planning and evaluation meeting was held on 28th March 2018 at FIDES under the guidance of Sr. Sumi, the directress of FIDES along with the staff. The evaluation topics consisted of group visits done by the staff... More+

  • Society Board meeting -2018
    The society board meeting of village was held at FIDES on 21st March 2018 with 14 participants. The meeting commenced with the invocation of the presence of God. In the meeting, various objectives were discussed... More+

  • Mentorship programme – March 2018
    The final mentorship programme for the year commenced on 11th March 2018 with 142 participants and the resource persons. The programme started with the registration formalities, followed by the session and activities... More+

    The Mentorship Programme was conducted on 25th February 2018 at Avalahalli, where 171 students participated in the programme. The resource persons for the day were Mr. Gurbux, Volunteer - United Way... More+

  • Apex Body meeting -2018
    An apex body meeting of the group leaders was held on 14th February 2018 at Ulsoor. There were 23 apex body members for the meeting. In the meeting, the focus of discussion was regarding the loan... More+

  • Adoption money distribution -2018
    February 10th 2018 was a day specially meant for the adoption letter writing and distribution of the money for the education of children. The students from Ulsoor, Kaverinagar and Village were present... More+

  • Birthday of Narayanaswamy-2018
    On 8th February 2018, birthday of Mr. Narayanaswamy was celebrated in FIDES along with all the colleagues. The day was blessed with prayer service by the associates followed by birthday wishes... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation -2018
    Planning for the month of February was held on 8th Feb 2018 with the assistance of Directress Sr. Sumi. The meeting started with the invocation of Almighty amidst the gathering. Sr. Sumi thanked each one for the constant cooperation... More+

  • Free Dental medical camp-2018
    On 20th January 2018, a free Dental Check-up and medical camp was organized by FIDES for the government school students of Doddabanahalli. There were 67 students for the treatment and check- up... More+

  • Adoption letter writing and money distribution -2018
    Adoption money distribution and Easter letter writing were held in FIDES for the students from Ulsoor, Kaveringar and Villages, from January 13th to 15th, 2018. The parents along with their children came to FIDES... More+

    The Mentorship Programme was conducted on 7th January 2018 at Avalahalli, under the leadership of United way, Dream India and FIDES. 184 students were present in the programme... More+

  • Board meeting and Apex body meeting -2018
    A meeting of the members of SHG leaders and Board members was conducted at Kaverinagar on 3rd January 2018. The agenda for the meeting was to discuss about the loan, opening bank accounts... More+

  • Planning and evaluation - 2017
    Planning for the month of January’18 and evaluation of the previous month’s activities were conducted on 30-12-2017 Sin the presence of Directress, Sr. Sumi and FIDES staff members. During this meeting... More+

  • Christmas Celebrations - 2017
    Joy to the world the Lord has come! On 10th December 2017, Christmas celebrations were held at Avalahalli inviting children, youth and women from Ulsoor, Kaverinagar and Village. Around 500 people came... More+

  • Mentorship programme in the month of December - 2017
    The mentorship programme for the month of December commenced on 3rd December 2017 at FIDES, Avalahalli. The programme started with registration formalities, followed by a session on Psychosocial balancing... More+

  • Report of mentorship programme held in November 2017
    The mentorship programme held on 19th November 2017 commenced with the registration at FIDES, Avalahalli. The sessions included evaluating and presenting the social cause programme held on 5th November... More+

  • Inauguration of Village society Bank -2017
    On 15th October 2017 at FIDES with Salesian Sisters, all the SHG representatives, and Staff started an initiative of starting the society bank. It was a soul desire of Sr. Nancy, the founder to start a bank... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation - 2017
    Planning of FIDES Organization for the month of October was conducted on 3 October 2017 in the presence of Sr. Sumi, the Directress and other staff members. The meeting was started by invoking the presence of God... More+

  • Village society meeting - 2017
    The village society meeting of the SHG groups was conducted on 17th September 2017 at FIDES by the leadership of the Directress and the Staff of FIDES. The representatives and in chargers of the groups were present... More+

  • Life skill training for the youth – 2017
    On 17/09/2017 FIDES took an initiative to organize a programme for youth on “Life Coping Skills and Personality Development”. The entire program was co-ordinated by CDEW and FIDES for the students of Don Bosco tech... More+

  • Seminar and training for SHG women -2017
    0n 14 September 2017, FIDES along with CDEW society organized training for the women from Kaverinagar, Ulsoor and Village on the SHG management and Alternative livelihood. The well adaptive resource person handled... More+

  • Report of the programme on the importance of the education
    The session on the importance of education was started on 10th September 2017 by invoking the presence of God. The resource person of the day Sr. Sobha contributed many treasures of knowledge... More+

  • Planning and evaluation -2017
    August 31st was dedicated to make the planning and evaluation of the activities of FIDES. The meeting started with a prayer and followed by the evaluation and the planning. According to the direction of the directress... More+

  • Inauguration of DBTech 2017
    The inauguration of Retail and BPO batches of DBTech, Avalahalli was celebrated on 14th August 2017 at FIDES organization. The programme started with a prayer dance followed by the other programmes... More+

  • Report of career guidance session for the scholarship children
    On 13th August 2017, a session on Career guidance was organized for the scholarship student at Avalahalli under the leadership of Dream India and FIDES organization as part of students programme... More+

  • Exposure visit of Kristu Jayanti College -2017
    An exposure visit of MSW students from Kristu Jayanti College was done on 08-08-2017 at FIDES organization. The objective of the visit was to understand the functions and activities of the organization in detail. There were 34 student... More+

  • Apex body meeting of Village 2017
    Apex body meeting of the village group members was held on 5th August 2017 in FIDES office. 28 members were present for the meeting. The group members discussed the value of group sustenance and the need of the group meetings... More+

  • Report of the social cause programme -2017
    Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him. – Albert Schweitzer Social responsibility is s an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation... More+

  • Birthday of Mr. Manju - 2017
    Life is a gift from God. The birthday of Mr. Manju was celebrated in FIDES office with the Directress, sister and the staff. It was a time for the colleagues to wish Mr. Manju and his family. The prayer session conducted... More+

  • Birthday of Sr. Monica - 2017
    On 1st August 2017, the birthday of Sr. Monica the superior of Provincial house was celebrated at FIDES. The celebration was started with the prayer service.The happiness and joy of the moment was shared by the celebrant... More+

  • Planning and Evaluation - 2017
    The planning and the evaluation of the activities were done on 01-08-2017 in the presence of Directress and the staff of FIDES. The planning was started by invoking the presence of the Almighty...

  • Student support programme- 2017
    United way in collaboration with Dream India network along with FIDES started a Student support Programme project which was sponsored by GE on April 1st...

  • Death Anniversary of Sr. Nancy - 2017
    Sr. Nancy’s death anniversary was remembered and celebrated by the devotees of Sr. Nancy on 15-07-2017 at FIDES. It was a time for the beneficiaries...

  • Apex body meeting of Kaverinagr - 2017
    An apex body meeting was conducted for the apex body members in Kaverinagar on 05-07-2017. The meeting enhanced the points regarding...

  • Apex body meeting - 2017
    An apex body meeting was held on 08-07-2017 at FIDES office for the village group members. There were 27 participants for the meeting...

  • Planning and evaluation - 2017
    Go back to the origin. A well-furnished planning and evaluation was formed on 6-07-2017 for the FIDES organization in the presence of Superior Sr. Monica, sr. Sumi the Directress...

  • Training on Measurements and Reporting - 2017
    On 29th June 2017 training on measurements and reporting was organized by Volunteer organization. The resource person for the session was Mr. Alok Agarwal, the Project Manager...

  • New project for sponsorship Programme - 2017
    On 20th June 2017, FIDES organization took up the initiative to monitor the project of sponsorship programme for the students in collaboration with Dream India network and United Ways...

  • Youth meeting of village - 2017
    The youth meeting of village and the Kaverinagar was conducted on 25th June 2017 in FIDES office with 26 participants and in Kaverinagar...

  • Village Apex body meeting – April 2017
    Apex body meeting of the village was commenced on 1st April 2017 for the representatives of the SHG groups in the presence of...

  • Birthday celebration - 2017
    Birthday of Sr. Selvi FMA was celebrated in FIDES on 28nd March 2017. The day was adorned with prayer service and birthday...

  • Distribution of adoption money - 2017
    The remaining adoption money was distributed for the students of village, Ulsoor and Kaverinagar in the month of 26th March 2017...

  • Women’s day celebration 2017
    Woman is the light of the earth. The women’s day was commemorated on 12th March 2017 in FIDES community with the theme “Be Bold for...

  • DBTech 9th Batch Inauguration 2017
    The inauguration of 9th DBtech batch was held on 11th March 2017 in FIDES. The Karnataka state coordinator of DBTech, Mr. Buvan along...

  • Planning and evaluation- March 2017
    The programme and activities for the month of March 2017 were planned on 09th March 2017 with the cooperation of FIDES staff along with...

  • Bank inauguration in Kaverinagar - 2017
    One of the dreams of Sr. Nancy has come true on 05-03-2017 in Kaverinagar. The Bank inauguration started by invoking the...

  • Apex body meeting – March 2017
    Village group apex body meeting was held on 04th of March 2017 under the leadership of Sr. Sumi Joseph, the Directress of FIDES. ...

  • Youth meeting of Village - 2017
    A youth meeting was conducted for the village youth on 26th February 2017. There were participated. The session held for more than 10 youth....

  • Birthday of Ms. Amala
    The birthday of Ms. Amala was celebrated on 20th February 2017 in the presence of FIDES community. As a community, the day...

  • Birthday of Mr. Narayanaswamy -2017
    On February 8th 2017, the birthday of Mr. Narayanaswamy, FIDES staff was celebrated which shared the happiness and joy amidst...

  • Apex Body meeting of Village - February 2017
    Apex Body meeting of the village group members was held in FIDES on 4th of February 2017 under the guidance of Directress...

  • Planning- February 2017
    The staff of FIDES along with the Directress cooperatively planned the activities on 2nd February 2016 for the month of February....

  • Apex Body Meeting of Village January 2017
    An apex body meeting of village was held in the FIDES office on the 7th January 2017. The meeting guided the gathering on adoption...

  • Apex Body Meeting in Ulsoor 2017
    Apex body meeting was conducted in Ulsoor on the 2nd of January 2017. The meeting was led by Directress Sr. Sumi. In the New Year wishing given by Sr. Sumi...

  • Planning and Evaluation for the month of January
    A monthly planning was done on 31st December 2016 for the upcoming month as a sign of welcoming new activities in the New Year. The planning included...

  • Birthday of Ms. Arogya Mary
    The birthday of Ms. Arogya Mary, our staff was celebrated on 31st December 2016. The moment of joy and happiness was expressed by the celebrant and the staff...

  • Planning and Evaluation
    A planning was done on 31st December 2016 for the month of January as a sign of welcoming new activities in the New Year. The planning involved many...

  • Monthly Planning
    For the coming month activities a planning was made by the FIDES staffs along with the Directress of FIDES on 31-10-2016. The planning involved many.....

  • Birthday of Ms. Arogya Mary
    The birthday of Ms. Arogya Mary was celebrated on 31st December 2016. The moment of joy and happiness was expressed by the sisters and the Staff members.....

  • Birthday of Sr. Sumi Joseph
    On 19th December 2016 the birthday of Sr. Sumi Joseph was celebrated along with the FIDES staffs. During the prayer moments we thank God for the gift......

  • Birthday of Ms. Selvi
    On 31st of October 2016 was a happiest moment for the FIDES staffs on the occasion of celebrating the birthday of Mrs. Selvi. The celebration started........

  • Birthday of Sr. Mary Joseph
    Jean Paul Richter said, “Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time”. On 13th October 2016 the birthday of Sr. Mary Joseph was celebrated with.......

  • Christmas Celebration of Village and Kaverinagar
    On 20th December 2016 the Christmas celebration was organized by FIDES for the village and Kaverinagar SHG groups. There were around 100 SHG group members.......

  • Christmas celebration in Ulsoor
    The fides community along with the people in Ulsoor conducted the Christmas programmes on 17-12-2016. The Christmas message was given by Sr. Anna Chacko..........

  • 9th DBTech batch Inauguration -2016
    The 9th DB Tech batch was inaugurated on 5th December 2016. 25 youths for the vocational training started in order to achieve their goals in life........

  • Children’s day celebration and NCP Mela-2016
    The children’s day and the NCP Mela were conducted for the children of Ulsoor, Kaverinagar and the Village on 04-12-2016. The whole hearted involvement.......

  • Village apex body meeting- 2016
    An apex body of the village SHG group was held on 3rd December 2016 in FIDES office under the guidance of Directress Sr. Sumi Joseph and the staffs........

  • Kaverinagar Youth Meeting -2016
    A monthly youth meeting was held in Kaverinagar for the youth on 27-11-2016. There were around 17 youths for the meeting. The resource person was.......

  • Children’s day celebration in Kaverinagar -2016
    Children’s day celebration was renowned with the Kaverinagar village children on 14th November 2016. On the occasion different sports events..........

  • Society meeting -2016
    A society meeting was conducted for the society members of Kaverinagar on 5-11-2016 under the leadership of FIDES directress Sr. Sumi Joseph...........

  • Village board meeting -2016
    On 5-11-2016 the village board meeting of the SHG group was conducted in FIDES under the guidance of Mr. Samuel. In the meeting coming activities.........

  • Career Guidance
    A career guidance workshop was held on 05-11-2016 in FIDES for the job aspiring youths. The resource person for the day was Mr. R K Prasad..............

  • New DB Tech Staff
    Mrs. Amala was appointed as the new staff for DB Tech in FIDES on 27th October 2016. She will be providing training for the skill development...........

  • Planning and Evaluation-2016
    Planning for the month of October and the evaluation of the September month were collectively done on 06-10-2016 in FIDES. The staffs and......

  • Apex body Meeting-2016
    The women from different SHG groups gathered in Kaverinagar on 05-10-2016 for the apex body meeting. There were 20 apex body members for the meeting...

  • Apex Body Meeting of Village -2016
    An apex body meeting of village was held in FIDES office on 01-10-2016 under the leadership of Mr. Narayana Swamy. In the meeting coming activities- youth...

  • Birthday celebration of Sr. Mary Manjil-2016
    Life is the greatest gift from Almighty God. The birthday of Sr. Mary Manjil was celebrated on 01-10-2016 by the initiative of FIDES staffs...

  • Youth meeting of Village and Kaverinagar-2016
    “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)Monthly youth animation was arranged on 25th...

  • Birthday of Ms. Veena -2016
    The DBTech trainer Ms. Veena celebrated her birthday on 20th September 2016 with the FIDES staffs. The juncture was adorned with the prayers and blessings...

  • Visit of Sr. Lucy Rose in FIDES-2016
    Sr. Lucy Rose visiting from Italy had a fruitful time with the FIDES staff on 20th September 2016.This was indeed a beautiful occasion to meet and ...

    A general body meeting of village was held on 18th September 2016 in FIDES office. The representatives and the members of the group from village...

    Sr. Lucy Rose the Visiting Councilor of Salesian sisters from Italy visited the social work region of FIDES in Ulsoor on 17th September 2016....

    On 15th September 2016, Meeting the Counselor of Ulsoor Mr. Saravana, in person was a remarkable occasion for the FIDES staffs and the Self...

  • village board members meeting-2016
    A village board members meeting apprehended on 15th September 2016 in FIDES office with the presence of all the society board...

  • Jeeva Jyothi Board meeting
    A meeting was held on 18-08-2016 in FIDES office by Jeeva Jyothi group members to discuss and arrive at a conclusion for the repayment of loans taken from the group... More+

  • Board meeting
    The Board meeting was held at Kaverinagar on 23rd July 2016 to put forward different suggestions and to make decisions to complete different tasks within the village... More+

  • Apex Body meeting and Bank money distribution
    The Apex Body meeting of the SHG groups from villages was conducted on 06-08-2016 in FIDES. The different SHG members, Animators and the Directress of FIDES were present... More+

  • Observation visit
    Masters of Social Work students along with professors from Kristu Jayanti College visited FIDES on 03-08-2016 as part of their curricular requirement. The interaction... More+

  • Medical follow up
    Sushmitha the 13 year old child was taken to hospital on 02-08-2016, for the follow up session. The recovery from her disability gives confidence to the child to have a hope... More+

  • Internship
    On 01-08-2016 two students from BCM college, Kottayam, joined FIDES for their one month internship training with the intention of studying about... More+

  • MSW students for concurrent field work
    A student from Kristu Jayanti College joined for the concurrent field work in FIDES on 01-08-2016. A session was handled by her for the vocational training... More+

  • Planning and evaluation
    The FIDES Staff along with the Directress of FIDES had a meeting on 28th July 2016 to do an evaluation of the past month and planning for the coming month... More+

  • Visit to Kaverinagar building construction
    On 27th July 2016 a visit was made to study the progress of the construction of the new building for people to gather together as a society in the slum... More+

  • Wedding Silver Jubilee
    Mr. Naveen Raj and Mrs. Arokiamary celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary on 24th July 2016 at Salesian Sisters’ Provincial House. The greetings and... More+

  • DBTech Inauguration
    7th batch of DBTech was inaugurated on 23rd July 2016. The programme was participated by different resource persons. The informative talks of the... More+

  • Sponsorship money Distribution
    On 16th July 2016 the remaining sponsorship money was distributed. There were around 40 poor families to receive the fund for the purpose of education... More+

  • Celebration of the Golden Jubilee with the FIDES Staff
    On 14th July 2016 the FIDES staff assembled to express their gratitude and to congratulate Sr. Jane Lewis on the Golden Jubilee of her religious profession in... More+

  • Death anniversary of Sr. Nancy Pereira, the Foundress of FIDES.
    “I am the resurrection and the life” – said Jesus Christ. On 14th July 2016, the 6th anniversary of the demise of Sr. Nancy Pereira, the Foundress... More+

  • Birthday celebration of Sr. Sheela and Mr. Manju
    July 11th 2016 was a memorable and joyful day for the FIDES Staff. It was the celebration of the birthday of Sr. Sheela and of Mr. Manju. The prayer conducted... More+

    On 28th May 2016 the distribution of sponsorship money for students of Kaverinagar, Ulsoor and of villages was started. Around 250 children were helped for... More+

  • AUDITING of the SHG
    The auditing of the SHG groups was done for the year 2015 with the help of animators of the agency. Each SHG group was audited and necessary input... More+

    On 4th and 5th June 2016 another set of students was provided with the money. They were from Kaverinagar, Ulsoor and other villages. Around 150 children... More+

    A monthly planning was held on 02-06-2016 for the FIDES staff. The intention of coming together for the planning was to evaluate the previous activities... More+

    A girl child whose legs were paralyzed was helped by a benefactor through the involvement of FIDES. Her inability to walk or move by herself drew the... More+

  • Farewell for Sr. Mary Celine Mariaselvam
    A girl child whose legs were paralyzed was helped by a benefactor through the involvement of FIDES. Her inability to walk or move by herself drew the... More+

    Farewell is not an end in itself. It is a beginning for another mission. On 30th June 2016 FIDES Staff together with other sisters from the Sacred... More+

  • Staff Meeting
    Mr. Keerthi, Ms. Jisna and Ms. Sandhya were the vocational trainers for the DB Tech training center in FIDES. Their effort to build the capacity of the youth through the vocational... More+

  • Staff picnic
    On 04-07-2016 a Staff meeting was conducted for the FIDES Staff under the leadership of Sr. Sumi to plan the monthly upcoming programmes and to evaluate... More+

  • New Staff for DBTech
    5th to 7th of July, 2016 were awesome and memorable days for the FIDES Staff and few supporting Staff from the Provincial house to journey together... More+

    On 11th July 2016, Ms. Veena was appointed as a Staff for DBTech in FIDES. Necessary information and directions were provided by Sr. Sumi Joseph the Directress and other staff... More+

    Mr. Jose Paul, MSW was appointed as new staff for FIDES on 09-05-2016. A professional social worker perfects his skills through practice and this is the occasion... More+

    On 21st March 2016, the 3rd batch students of DB Tech Retail had their farewell day. Sr. Anna Chacko, sr. Rosy and Sr.Sumi were present for the occasion of the... More+

  • Guddali Pooja at Kaverinagar office building
    We had long awaited dream to have an office building in kaverinagar. Mr. Arvind Limabavali, MLA of Mahadevapura had given Rs.10 lakhs fromhis fund 8 months... More+

  • Fides Familyday 24.04.2016
    The 22nd annual FIDES day celebration commenced at 10:30 a. m.on 24th April 2016, in the company of nearly 2500 people gathered from Kaverinagar,... More+

  • 8th March, 2016 - Women's Day Talk
    On the occasion of International Women's Day, FIDES arranged a special meeting which was held for the female tailoring students and... More+

  • 17th February, 2016- Inauguration of Don Bosco Tech
    The Inaugural Ceremony of the 5th Batch of Don Bosco Tech was conducted on 17th of February, 2016. Fr. Jeeson (Director of DB Tech),... More+

  • 4th and 5th February, 2016- Medical Camps
    Medical camps were organized by FIDES for general health screening of the slum dwellers and to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining good... More+

  • Don Bosco's Feast
    DB tech students performed a programme in Kristu Jyothi College for the First time as part of a drama did a club dance at the request of Fr. Shalbin... More+

  • Visit to Local MLA
    The Jeeva Jyoti society, under the guidance of Sr. Sumi, and the staff of FIDES visited Mr Arvind limvabali, MLA of Mahadevpura constituency, to discuss the construction of the FIDES building on 21st January, 2016... More+

  • Mother Provincial’s Visit to Kaverinagar Slum
    Rev. Sr. Crecentia D'Almeda, the Provincial of Sacred Heart Covent Bandapura, made a visit to Kaverinagar on January 4th 2016 to see the people... More+

  • NCP Mela and Children’s day celebration
    On 8th November 2015 was an unforgettable day in the lives of NCP Children of Kaverinagar and Ulsoor, as we celebrate the NCP mela and children’s... More+

    On 15th August D.B. Tech students celebrated the 69th Independence Day in FIDES at Nancy Memorial hall. Sr. Anna graced upon the event by... More+

    The 23rd of August 2015 witnessed the grand celebration by the youth... More+

    A guest lecture by Mr. Prassana Kumar, asst. manager of DR. Reddy Foundation Bangalore on “CAREER DEVELOPMENT” was delivered on 25th of August 2015 ... More+

    Two teachers accompanied 17 energetic students to More store, a retail sales venture by the Aditya Birla group on the 27th of August 2015... More+

    On the 2nd of September 2015 the monthly apex meeting was held in Kaverinagar and village which discussed about the proper functioning of groups,... More+

    Jeeva Jyothi Society held its board meeting on 4th of September 2015 and addressed the various issues like keeping up the time for the meeting by... More+

    24 students accompanied by 2 teachers visited SAFFAL, a retail sales company on the 8th of September 2015 to make learning more effective and to gain practical...More+

    A class was conducted by Fr. Jeeson on 11th September of 2015 to the DB Tech students on TEAM MANAGEMENT in the work place. Games with insight were included...More+

    Weak groups of SHGs which included Swetha, Chethana and Arunodhaya groups were gathered on 13th of September 2015. They were provoked into discussion which let them to...More+

    Weak groups of SHGs which included Jeeva Jyothi, Sneha, Nandhini and Roja groups were gathered in Kaverinagar on 6th of September 2015. They were allowed to discuss the reasons for... More+

    Farewell day programme of 3rd batch DB Tech commenced on 13th of September 2015 at 3 pm. Sr.Anna Chacko, the Superior of Sacred Heart Convent, Sr. Rosy... More+

    On 25th of September 2015 children’s meeting was held at Halasuru for the children in and around Halasuru. Children enacted a story in the Bible. Thus the children’s meeting... More+

    On the 27th Of September 2015 Dheena Bandhu society held its general body meeting in Sr. Nancy memorial hall the share holders of Jeeva Jyothi Mahila... More+

    Youth meeting was held in Kaverinagar on 27th of September 2015. The day witnessed the energetic youths listening to talks about national leaders which included Dr. B. R. Ambedkar,... More+

    On the 3rd of October 2015 the monthly apex meeting was held in the village started with prayer, which discussed the various issues they faced... More+

    Jeeva Jyothi Society held its board meeting on 7th of October 2015... More+

    Youth meeting was held in Halasuru on 10th of October 2015. The day witnessed the energetic youths lending their ears and minds to... More+

    On 12th of September 2015 youth meeting was held at Halasuru for the youth of Halasuru. Br.Imbaraj took an activity... More+

    On 12th October 2015 FIDES stared the 4th batch of Retail management with 25 students. The new batch was enthusiastic about learning... More+

    DB Tech has appointed Miss Jisanamol Shaji on 21st October as a new BPO trainer in our centre... More+

    Youth meeting was held in Kaverinagar on 25th of October 2015. The day witnessed the dynamic youths lending their ears and minds to Bro. Imbaraj who...More+

  • 3rd batch inaguration
    3rd Batch Inaugural programme of Don Bosco Tech began with prayer dance invoking God’s blessing at 11.15am on 25th of July 2015. Fr. Jeeson, director...More+

    July 15, 2015 DB Tech students of FIDES institution celebrated WORLD YOUTH SKILL DAY. Students had many competitions which were held in Sr. Nancy...More+

  • July 14th - Sr. Nancy Death Anniversary
    All the people from our working area remembered Sr. Nancy Pereira, the founder, of FIDES on the day of her death Anniversary . They paid tribute...More+

  • Province level youth meeting
    July 10, 11 and12 we had the province level youth meeting for the youth of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana. The venue was adorned with around 300 youths...More+

  • Staff Picnic
    On 23rd June,2015, was a memorable day for the staff of FIDES. They enjoyed their trip to Hogenikal water fall. During this time they could express their happiness and...More+

  • Distribution of Adoption
    The sponsored children of FIDES received the educational help from the beginning of June. Students from Kaverinagar and Ulsor villages along with the parents...More+

  • Report on VIDES Meeting
    The VIDES meeting took place at the FIDES office invoking God’s blessing. The day was honored by the presence of Sr. Anna Chacko, the superior of Sacred Heart...More+

    Mr.Manjunath, one of our FIDES staff was given a send off for the committed service of past 8 years as the co-coordinator in Halasuru. He... More+

    The1st of April commemorated the certificate distribution for the 1st batch of DB Tech students after their successful completion of... More+

    The dusk of 1st March witnessed the inauguration of the 2nd batch DB Tech students Sr. Anna Chacko, the Superior of Sacred Heart... More+

  • FIDES Summer camp at Doddabhanahalli Govt.School
    Children’s are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”. Only where children gather is there any chance of fun with... More+

    The women’s day was celebrated in FIDES on the 12th of April in a splendid way gathering all around the members of apex body, Board... More+

    Campus interview was held in the campus offering opportunities to the students giving a wider view of career options. We are greatful... More+

  • FIDES Youth get together
    Youth from Ten villages and two slums, Ulsoor and Kaverinagar were invited for a day’s programme in honor of Bicentenary of the Don Bosco... More+

  • Send off for the DB Tech Students
    After completing successfully the 3 months training programme ‘on Sales and Marketing, Basic Computer Spoken English and Personality development’, students...More+

  • D.B Tech Students Christmas Celebration
    The students of D B Tech celebrated the birth day of Jesus Christ on 23rd of Dec, 2014 at FIDES centre. The celebration began at 11.00 am... More+

  • Village and KVN Christmas celebration
    All the SHG women, youth and the children of the villages and Kaverinagar came together joyfully to celebrate the Christmas... More+

  • Christmas wishing at Halasuru
    It is a custom and pleasure of Halasuru M V Garden FIDES families to celebrate Christmas and convey their greetings to Sisters every year... More+

  • Italia solidale Christmas wishing
    All the Italia solidale families of Village came together to celebrate Christmas on 7th December 2015 at FIDES centre. The programme began at 11.30am... More+

  • NCP Mela and Child right Awareness Rally
    FIDES organized awareness Rally on Child protection and cleanliness along with NCP mela on 30th of November 2014 at... More+

  • Inauguration of Don Bosco Tech
    The Inaugural programme of Don Bosco Tech began with prayer dance invoking God’s blessing at 11.30am on 17th of November 2014... More+

  • One day animation for the FIDES Staff – 13th of November 2014
    Sr. Sumi Joseph the in charge of FIDES organized one day staff animation on God’s experience and Commitment and role and responsibility... More+

  • Catholic Family Get together in Kaverinagar - 19 / 10 / 14
    Being the Family year and the month of Rosary FIDES organized a day of animation for the catholic Families of Kaverinagar . We had the Rosary and animated prayer together and Sr. Celine Maria... More+

  • Legal Clinic
    FIDES introduced the new programme in collaboration with SIKRAM a Human Right organization to support the people who have legal... More+

  • Training on Paper Conversion
    Plastic, although considered as one of the greatest inventions by virtue of its use in carrying things has become a major element in... More+

  • Award Ceremony
    Karnataka Sahitya Parishath chose 18 people who contributed towards the growth and promotion of Kannada literature and social development... More+

  • Youth seminar-2014
    One day youth seminar was FIDES organized for the youth of Ulsoor, Kaveri nagar and 6 villages on 27th July 2014, at our centre in Bandapura... More+

  • Death Anniversary of our Foundress
    On 14th July we remembered our beloved Sr.Nancy the founderess of FIDES, It was the 4th death anniversary. All the families of FIDES gathered in Ulsoor... More+

  • Fides members planted Mango saplings
    Keeping in mind the maxim that we are the co-creators of nature, we the members of FIDES took the initiative and responsibility to safe guard and protect nature... More+

  • Sponsorship programme for Education
    We are grateful to all the benefactors for their support in reaching out to many poor children in their education. More+

  • Medical camp at Kaverinagar slum
    “Good health is not something we can buy, however it can be an extremely valuable saving account” says Anne Wilson Schaef. Keeping this in mind... More+

  • Summer Camp
    Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Keeping this in mind the FIDES team organized a Summer Camp for the Government School children from... More+

    Don Bosco often would say that Past Pupils are extension of his hands. As it is customary every year we convene the past pupils gathering on 23rd March... More+

  • Women’s day Celebration
    16 March, 2014 was an eventful day as FIDES celebrated Women’s day at Sacred Heart Convent Campus Bandapura Bangalore. It was a mega... More+

  • Free Mega Medical Camp
    Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have and when health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot... More+

  • Human Right Education
    On 6th November 2013 FIDES organized human Rights education in two places one in Avalahalli in the campus of FIDES office and the other in Ulsoor... More+

  • Congratulation! Appreciation! Gratitude!
    We are grateful to Dr. Harish for his dedicated service in our dental Clinic. Every Sunday he comes to our Clinic to give his free service. Around 10 to 15 poor people... More+

  • training on saree painting
    FIDES organized one day Skill training programme for the SHG women of the villages on Saree painting. The day began with prayer.20 interested women... More+

  • Deenabandu Co-Operative Society General Body Meeting cum Charity Day
    Deenabandu Co-operative society general body meeting was held on 15-09-2013. The meeting was began with prayer by invoking God’s presence... More+

    On 17th August, 2013 at kaverinagar the Auxilium youth celebrated the Independence Day for the children. The chief Guest of the day was sr. Alice Chacko... More+

    To give a taste of the experience of the World Youth Day we organized a two days Youth meet on 27th-28th July 2013.Nearly 300 youth and animators... More+

    Solidarity is not a feeling of vague compassion or shallow distress at the misfortunes of so many people, both near and far. On the contrary, it is a firm... More+

    Mrs. Girija , one of our staff who worked as our office Assistant, was thanked for her valuable service rendered during the past 8 years. The FIDES team... More+

    It gives us great joy to congratulate you for having successfully completed your II year Pre-University Course with an excellent 95% Marks... More+

  • one day summer fest for youth
    On 23rd April 2013, FIDES organized “Summer Fest” for the youth at Sr.Nancy Memorial hall in Sacred Heart Convent, Bandapura, Bangalore. More than 170... More+

  • PAST PUPILS MEET FIDES Vocational Training Centre
    The Past Pupils of FIDES Vocational Training Centre conducted its 2nd annual meet on 7th April, 2013 at Sr. Nancy Memorial Hall, Provincial house... More+

    On 17th March, 2013 ‘Women’s Day’ was celebrated by FIDES in the Auxilium School campus, Bandapura. At 11.00 am the programme began... More+

    1st December, 2012 was a memorable day in the annals of FIDES (Family Integral Development Education Scheme) as the first NCP MELA... More+

    One day training programme was organized for our SHG members by the Co-operative Society Officials on “watershed management”... More+


Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.