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Career Building - 2018Back

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The future depends on what you do today".
The mentorship programme for the student support participants was conducted on 16th of September 2018 at Avallahalli under the guidance of United way and Dream India. The student participants were 146 in number. The prominent resource persons who animated the gathering with many information on paths to lead a fruitful future.

The programme started with registration followed by introducing the resource persons and welcoming the gathering by Ms. Jyothi Gupta, community initiatives manger, United Way. The sessions started by the resource persons, explaining the importance of personal branding and career planning to the youngsters. The resource persons were Dr. Jonas Richard and Ms. Harmeet Kaur.

Dr. Jonas Richard is having 18years of experience in industry, academics research and training life skills education. He is a trainer by passion and academician by profession. His training sessions are highly participative and impactful and much appreciated by the participants for its innovation. He is the resource person for the National Level Resource team on life Skills Education coordinated by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, under Ministry of youth affairs and sports, Government of India. Currently Dr. Jonas is the Associate professor and Head of the department of Social work in Kristu Jayanti College.

Harmeet Kaur, Director and Founder of Fermata Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bangalore is always passionate about business. Harmeet started her entrepreneurial journey in 2007. She founded Fermata Consulting to train and mentor students and professionals to achieve personal and professional success. Over these 10 years the team has been working with students, teachers, parents and working professionals to help them come out of their comfort zone, find out their strengths and always strive to perform their role better and better. They help young adults make informed career choices, Career Counselor, Entrepreneurship and Personal Effectiveness Trainer. Her Achievements in in the field of Psychology aids to find answers in varied aspects of academic, professional, personal and social life challenges and successes.

The first session imparted valid information on Personal branding by Dr. Jonas Richard. The session was interactive and informative to the youngsters. The focus areas of session contained, how to work towards your goal, how to make people like you, and how to enjoy your life. His thoughts also involved different areas of personal branding like tips on how you can make people like you, working for your goal with using others, being used to attain others goal, meaning of branding and brand loyalty. Moreover he clarified that your brand is what people talk about you in your absence. He quoted theory of Iceberg signifying that if the huge hidden areas such as personal agenda, intentions, attitude, aspiration and core values are focused by the individual then the visible parts social identity, knowledge and skills could be better developed and easily revealed to the society. The session also exhibited two focus of life that is proactive focus, which is developed with the growth of the circle of influence and can be controlled by oneself. Positive energy enlarges the circle of influence and makes the person proactive. In addition, the second is reactive focus, which is developed with shrinking of circle of influence; it is because of negative energy and enlargement of circle of concern, which cannot be controlled by oneself. Other area of discussion consisted of 2 D’s for self-branding that are Decision and Discipline. His session concluded with two pains in life, pain of discipline and pain of regret.

Ms. Harmeet Kaur handled second session. She presented an introduction on career planning section. She divided the students into 13 groups. Each group was given the group sheet to analyze the essential aspects to be discussed in career planning session. The group discussion started by introducing the job sectors and industries in India. Based on this ideas the students were given the opportunity to write their area of interest along with their questions and feedbacks. Whole session was summarized by getting verbal feedback from the students on their learning of the day. Few feedbacks indicated the willingness of the participants to change in order to build a good future, desire to develop confidence, wish to improve leadership skills and to maintain a socially recognized personal branding. The programme winded up with the vote of thanks by Ms. Jyothi Gupta followed by the refreshment for all participants.



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