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Sr. Nancy Pereira - Foundress of FIDES

Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA (Figlie de Maria Ausiliatrice) - the first Daughter of Mary help of Christians (Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco) in India was born in Puthukkurichy, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala on 14th August, 1923. She had a happy child hood with the care of her beloved parents and five siblings. On the day of her departure from home to join the convent her father stood speechless and her mother fainted. "I crossed over her motionless figure and walked out of the house” said Sr. Nancy in her autobiography. She joined the convent in 1942.

She was endowed with a hard working and self sacrificing nature. Her formidable spirit of work, her readiness to put her hand to any kind of work, her inexhaustible talent and her deep love for her superiors and the congregation were remarkable. She was an engineer, excellent supervisor cum contractor. She would design, draw, paint, tailor, embroider, make handicraft and cook and would teach poor people and women how to do all these works. More+

With the typical dynamism and enthusiasm of a healthy, middle aged person Sr. Nancy launched FIDES at Ulsoor slum when she was in her seventies. With dogged determination she crossed one hurdle after another and saved many women from prostitution, suicide and misery; she rescued men from the clutches of alcohol and drugs; she brightened the future of thousands of children sponsoring their education.

It was the foreigners who spotted the greatness of her work and lavished approval, recognition, awards and financial help on her. She received more than 10 International awards for the quality of her social work. RAI (Italian television network produced a TV film on her work, the telecast of which in Italy created waves of admiration for Sr. Nancy and generated much compassion for the poor.

Sr. Nancy was not a philanthropist. She was 100 percent an FMA, a loyal, loving and devoted daughter of the congregation, a sister filled with love and compassion of the Good Shepherd; a true daughter of the church who with prayer, faith and good works brought back to the fold many an erring prodigal child; she was a beacon light and a model of prayerfulness to all the sisters. Pope John Paul II receiving her in private audience described her as "The intrepid and indefatigable entrepreneur of the poor”

"The poor taught me everything - patience, tolerance and the ability to adapt to the adversities they encounter in life; they are serene people”.

She visited Europe a number of times in order to seek help for her work. Many contributed generously for sponsorship, putting up the school and other programme.

During her trips to Europe, she often found people asking her what they should do in order to be happy and Sr. Nancy would reply always "Donate love! It is not important to whom, how and when”. Sometimes it is sufficient to smile at a person who has not given or received love. They are the ones who need to receive the most love because they are unable to listen to their own hearts. Another question that people often asked her was "Sister, what must I do?” Sr. Nancy would always respond by saying : "Open up your heart and learn to live again”. Hide


During her life time Sr. Nancy received the following awards in appreciation and recognition of the humanitarian work she had done at the various FIDES centres without discrimination on the basis of caste or creed:

● 1994 - "A Mandir for Peace " award for her indefatigable work in the service of the oppressed people, during the fourth meeting organized by Shantimandir at Assissi, Italy, ONLUS More+


Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.