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● Awareness sessions
● Counseling
● Skill Training
● Capacity building
● Talks and group sessions
● Seminars
● Family visits
● Exposure visit
● Medical camp
● Prayer meetings
● Net working with other NGOs
● Running of crèche for infants



NCP Animators' Training
The Karnataka government removed the ban on Covid0-19 after two months. FIDES hosted the inaugural NCP Animators Training session on June 21, 2021, at 4 p.m. at the FIDES Office. It was attended by ten NCP animators and Sr.Vennila. The days resource person was Sr. Asha Latha, Regional Coordinator of Karnataka NCP. Sr. Venilla welcomed all the animators and introduced Sr. Asha, the Regional Coordinator of NCP. Sr. Asha began the discussion by asking some fundamental questions, after which she established the theme/points: What exactly is NCP? NCP's goal and objective. Election of Ministers and Ministers Roles, Fundamental Rights of Children, and NCP Core Principles

She helped them realise how significant an animator can be in the lives of children and the group as a whole. She offered them some pointers on how to get the youngsters to express themselves. She helped them realise some of the difficulties they could face. She urged/recommended that they encourage the children to ask questions and provide comments. Sr. Asha closed the gathering by exhorting, Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.