Jesus, the Good Shepherd


Arise to Wholeness


● Awareness sessions
● Counseling
● Skill Training
● Capacity building
● Talks and group sessions
● Seminars
● Family visits
● Exposure visit
● Medical camp
● Prayer meetings
● Net working with other NGOs
● Running of crèche for infants



Planning and Evaluation - 2018Back

Planning For the month of May was formulated on 3rd May 2018 at FIDES. The meeting started with the invocation of God. Sr. Sumi, the Directress, gave introduction regarding the upcoming programs of the month. The main focus of discussion consisted of distribution of Adoption money for the students in Villages, Kaverinagar on 9th, 10th, and 11th of June, and in Ulsoor on 16th and 17th, and apart from these days 23rd June was kept for the adoption distribution of the students who could not come on the prescribed date. It was also decided in the meeting about the dates of annual home holiday for the staffs, and it was decided to give the holidays from 11 May to 25th May. There was a clear cut mentioning of the holidays and leaves taken by the staffs. If a staff takes many holidays during the working days, then the annual holidays will be reduced according to the days taken. Nevertheless, in the emergency situation the leave could be granted. The meeting also put forward the need of collecting the success story of FIDES and beneficiaries of it as a token of celebrating the Jubilee this year. The jubilee of FIDES and inauguration of Kaverinagar Building was another point of discussion, few dates were considered.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.