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Summer Camp-2022
At Government primary school/Doddabanahalli

Date : 4/4/2022 to 9/4/2022
Event : Summer camp-2022
Place : Government primary school, Doddahanahalli.
Organisation name : FIDES
Participants : 220 children from 1 to 7 standards
Facilitators : 12 LLB Students from Christ academic, 2 MSW Students from Krupanidhicollege and Sister Vennila (Event organizer)

The summer camp was initiated by FIDES Organisation keeping in mind the goal of empowering the children with value education and education to develop different skills for the primary school children. More than 220 children attended and participated in the summer camp. The 12 LLB Students, 2 MSW students and Sr Vennila (Event organizor) were the facilitators of the Programme.

. To provide life skill classes on various topics
. To establishing a healthy relationship with the students.
. To empower them with skills so that they make use of their summer vacations with right motive.

Time Table:-
10:00 to 10:30 - Yoga and Prayer
10:30 to 11:00 - Life skills or value education
11:00 to 11:45 - Dance or Aerobic
11:45 to 12:30 - Craft work
12:30 to 01:00 - Sing songs/action song
01:00 to 01:30 - Lunch
02:00 to 02:30 - English
02:30 to 03:00 - Drawing or clay modelling
03:00 to 03:30 - Group activity/ games.

Day 1:- (4/4/22)
. The first day summer camp started with an inauguration by the FIDES and school management. Sr. Monica Thomas superior of Sacred Heart convent, Sr. Rosy Lopez Directress of CDEW Society, Sr. Sumi Joseph Directress of FIDES, Sr.Shiny sectary of the province of Sacred Heart – Bangalore, Mr.ManjunathNayak Head of the primary school, all the teachers and 15 facilitators were present for the event. Sister Vennila was the coordinator of the programme. The summer camp was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp and with a short message given by Sr. Rosy and Mr. Manjunath. Sr.Rosy encouraged the children to make the best use of the opportunity that would be provided by the FIDES and invigorated them to develop their skills during the summer camp. After the inauguration 220 children were divided into 5 groups. All the groups were given the name of the rivers.

. After the inauguration children were taken to the classes. There they were trained in different skills such as dance, drawing, spoken English, life skills, group activities etc. All these activities were designed by 14 volunteers along with Sr. Vennila.

Day:- 2 (5/4/22)
The second day was cheery and enthusiastic because of the energetic training that was given by the LLB students. The day began at 10 o’clock with yoga and prayer. The day was carried out according to the schedule. The day was packed with the Life skills and value education for the personal development, dance class, craft work skills. After the lunch, English communications, karate, group activities, drawing classes were taught. With a short prayer and evaluation by Sr.Vennila the day was winded up.

DAY :-3 (6/4/22)
On the third day, children were acquainted with the facilitators and enjoyed every activity that was being animated. As usual the day began with yoga and prayer. The day went on as per the plans. The day was focused on self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-esteem. The day ended with the evaluation and a prayer by Sr.Vennila

DAY:-4 (7/4/22)
The fourth day of the summer camp successfully went on according to the time table. The main theme was problem solving. Sr.Vennila, using different activates made the children to understand that the problems can be solved easily. The children were able to improve their skills with the support of the facilitators. Karate was the favourite for all the children. The day concluded with the evolution and a prayer.

DAY :-5 (8/4/22)
On the fifth day of the summer camp, each trainee had chosen a program and trained the children for the conclusion of the summer camp. The trainees with the tremendous jubilation took up the programs and chose the children according to their interest and abilities. Till 4.30 pm the trainees prepared the children for the culmination.

DAY:-6 (9/4/22)
The day-6 was the culmination of the summer camp. Trainees prepared the children for the final day program. Different competitions were also conducted for the children. The day reached its zenith by showcasing the talents of the children and with the prize Distribution. Mr.Manjunath (EO), Penchayat president, heads of different NGOs, Sr.Monica and Sr.Sumi were the chief guests. All were grateful to FIDES for rendering great service for the children. The audiences were flabbergasted by the children’s performance. FIDES was grateful to God and the school management for the opportunity.

The summer camp program benefited the children and also the trainees. It developed the skills of the children and motivated them to improve their natural skills. Both facilitators and children were learned team building.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


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