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Career planning and Self - awarenessBack

"Without self - awareness we are as babies in a cradles" - Virginia Woolf
The 5th mentorship program was held on 18thNovember 2018 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The programme started with registration and prayer, especially remembering the victims of natural calamities in Tamil Nadu, followed by introducing the resource persons and welcoming the gathering by Sr. Deepa, Project Manager, DIN. There were 166 participants.

The first session was by Dr. Johnas Richard and it began with the question such as what is the connection between self - awareness and career planning. The introduction about self - awareness provided an easy way of understanding what is self-awareness and its role in the life of human being. It was explained that self - awareness is the mother of all skills. Session quoted the Oxford dictionary saying that self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. The mentor also focused on the message that direction is more important than speed. Moreover, he explained that the people, who have self-awareness, would think everything they speak, but not speak everything they think, other than that, they will be aware of their feelings and they know there is no problem without solution. This was core knowledge for the audience to be aware of oneself. The session also included the basis for self-identity and increased awareness among the audience regarding the vocation each one has to realize. Another important point discussed in the session was two ways of life that is live life using thoughts and live life on emotions. The motivational videos added colors in the session imparted different morals and ethics. The first video provided a lesson on Never Give up. There is solution for all the problems. The thing is to believe and make effort. The session made more fruitful and significant by explaining the SWOT analysis. It gave an occasion to examine various strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats. There were different doubts from the audience regarding the previous session that whether goal setting is limited only in entrepreneurship, clarified by the resource person through the clear explanation.

The second session handled by Ms. Harmeet focused on group activities. The whole students were divided into different groups and five volunteers from both groups were selected. These volunteers were asked to collect information from the groups within twenty seconds about the list of different sectors in India. After gathering, the information each group was asked to speak on it and the winners from those group was selected. After this exercise, few chits were given as pairs to the audience in order to write on job opportunities in each sector and asked them to write down two jobs in which they were interested. The students were asked to contact the resource persons through the email for clearing their area of interest. The session also highlighted the view that success does not depend on where you born but on your goal. The video shown in the session communicated the message that everything is possible if you have a goal. The programme ended with feedback session and vote of thanks by Ms. Swathi, followed by refreshment for all the participants. The feedbacks of participants are given below: over all feedback from the audience was that the session was helpful to encourage oneself and motivate oneself for a better future. Few suggestion of participants found in the feedback form was that if possible to include biology field and social media since the students are from various streams of studies.



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