Jesus, the Good Shepherd


Arise to Wholeness


● Awareness sessions
● Counseling
● Skill Training
● Capacity building
● Talks and group sessions
● Seminars
● Family visits
● Exposure visit
● Medical camp
● Prayer meetings
● Net working with other NGOs
● Running of crèche for infants



Planning and Evaluation -2018Back

Planning for the month of February was held on 8th Feb 2018 with the assistance of Directress Sr. Sumi. The meeting started with the invocation of Almighty amidst the gathering. Sr. Sumi thanked each one for the constant cooperation and collaboration rendered by the staff for the success of Province Jubilee. The evaluation consisted of few suggestions and also activities held during the previous month. During the evaluation there was discussion regarding the decline of well functioned groups and its cooperation. This aspect was noticed and it was decided to plan the activities and timings of the meeting of the group, especially to ensure the presence of staff in the group meetings. The functioning of the society bank in village was another topic of discussion. The staff insisted that there should be somebody in charge for the better functioning of the bank. Otherwise, it would be risky and would pave way to failure. It was also decided that women’s day celebration this year would be held separately in each working areas in a small manner, since the coming year is going to be a Jubilee year for the FIDES. The beginning for the preparation of FIDES Jubilee was minutely discussed in the meeting. Based on this discussion it was planned that an elegant programme should be held on the occasion of the jubilee. Further discussion regarding the jubilee was kept for the upcoming days. The planning involved the activities and programmes like adoption letter writing and distribution of the money, BD Tech pupil’s meeting, youth meetings, children’s meeting, apex body meeting and Board meetings.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.