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GE Mentorship program on 21- 10- 2018 Back

The 4th mentorship program was held on 21st October 2018 in Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The programme started with registration followed by introducing the resource persons and welcoming the gathering by Ms. Jyothi Gupta, Community Initiatives Manger, United Way. The resource person, Ms. Harmeet Kaur, began the session with the enquiry about the last session just to check about what the students have carried home and she went on to explaining the importance of career planning followed by entrepreneurship. There were 161 participants

The session began with small game to keep the participants alert and active in the session. Ms. Harmeet, asked participants to revise terminologies from the previous session to check about what is foremost in their memory in regards to the last session. Some of the participants put forth few terminologies what they have learned and the resource person congratulated them. Since the students were not ready with the home work, which they were asked to do, the resource person was not in a disposition to move forward with the decided topic, so she moved from the topic career planning and self-awareness to entrepreneurship.

The session included video presentation, which enkindled the mind of students about the importance of teamwork, life story of 5 entrepreneurs and 6 myths about entrepreneurship. The teamwork video stated the importance of being together than being alone. It also indicated the possibilities of thinking beyond oneself while being in a team. The participants were divided into different groups and were given the opportunity to discuss regarding the video and they shared their observation about the video. After this exercise, the students who were not yet active or spoken in the gathering was picked up and asked to express their opinion and observation perceived from the video.

The session also contained another meditative moment by making the participants closing their eyes in order to realize the importance of silence and concentration. In the exercise it was asked to distinguish various sounds which disturb and give peace to them. It was an opportunity to think about how they could become a part of the peaceful system. The video which shown the life story of five entrepreneurs, Rithesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO Rooms, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu the founder of SoleRebels, Africa’s fastest growing footwear company, Mohamad Yunes the founder of Gramin bank, Bryan Loo the founder of Malaysian food and beverage company, Chatime and Jeff Bezos the Amazon founder, exhibited ideas on how these personalities became great entrepreneurs by grabbing the opportunities irrespective of money people and resources.

The discussion that followed was about how to find an opportunity. The audience came up with few opinions such as an opportunity could be realized based on the problem that we have or we have seen or listened in the surroundings. Another focus of discussion indicated the difference between the lender and investor, who is an entrepreneur- problem solver, leaders, innovators and creators. The focus of next video was on 6 myths about entrepreneurship. Among these three points were discussed. First, the entrepreneurs are born note made, second, individuals start companies and third, entrepreneurs are the smartest people in the room. Following aspects are left for the next sessions.

At the end of the session, everyone was given the feedback form in order to improve the quality and usefulness of the session for the participants. The feedback of the students indicated that the session was helpful for the holistic development, improving the skills and starting a dream for becoming an entrepreneur.

Apart from the session there was few instructions given to the students on the regularity and punctuality for the programmes, to inform the changes of address or contact details to the coordinator, coming forth programmes dates, social cause programme leaders meeting after the session and informing the colleges regarding the visit of the coordinator in upcoming months.

As a part of social cause programme Mr. Johnny Silva from United way explained what social cause programs are and asked the opinion of students to check out their interest and to get their own creative ideas in performing the task. Mr. Johnny also appreciated and congratulated the volunteer students in different programmes. In regards to the social cause program few suggestion were made by the students, such as cleaning the government hospitals and educate patients, Marathon for a cause, wall painting, village cleaning, teach poor students and cleaning garbage. The whole programme was ended with vote of Thanks by Ms. Sharishma followed by the refreshment for all the participants.

Student leaders’ meeting was held after the mentorship session in order to make the groups vibrant and energetic. In the meeting there was few information imparted for the leader regarding the initiatives to be taken by the leaders in forming the groups stronger, becoming change makers in the society, making sure that all the members of the group receives the information and more over starting the initiative to conduct the social cause programme. At the same time, few students were specially met by Sr. Deepa to understand the difficulties they are going through. It was an occasion for the students and the parents to come together to discuss different problems faced by the students and family.



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