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Community initiative programme on‘WORLD WATER DAY 2022’
Theme: “Save Water Drive” &Awareness on eco-friendly plastic bricks.

Awareness programme for migrant community (Ramaya colony and Water tank (Chennakannahalli) on how to use and conserve water in a sustainable manner and reduce and reuse plastics.
Venue: Ramaiah Colony and Water tank -Chennakannahalli, Bangalore.
Date: 22 nd March 2022 at Ramaiah Colony and 23 March 2022 at Water tank
Time: 4:30 – 6 pm
FIDES (Family Integral Development Education Scheme)
Beneficiaries: Migrant children and families
No. of beneficiaries: 80 participants from Ramaya colony and 50 from Water tank, 10 youth and two MSW students

The programme started at on 22 nd March 2022 at 4:30 pm after gathering and teaching children slogans on ‘save water’ at Ramaya colony. The program was initiated in the migrant community by spreading awareness on the importance of water, how to save water, conserve and use it in a sustainable manner. Secondly how to reduce and reuse plastic. The resource person Sr. Venila Dominic with the support of FIDES youth and volunteers conducted the rally with children holding placards and singing slogans on the significance of ‘save water’. The rally covered the whole Ramaya colony with FIDES staff, youth and MSW 1 st year volunteer students. The children took active parting the rally. The people of the area encouraged the participants by paying attention to the rally. With much enthusiasm the children gathered the family members for the next session which was a mime on save water. In the meantime, the youth and volunteers distributed snacks to the children and their families. Another motive of distributing snacks was to collect the plastic wrappers and make use of it. The families and children were excited to watch the mime that was displayed to the audience on the theme. The play shows on how we should use water wisely in order to avoid water scarcity in future. This aims to develop a sense of significance on the usage of water and motivate them. The programme came to an end, by two MSW 1 st year students 1) Aleena Biju and 2) Ambika Mech demonstrating on how to make use of plastic bottles and wrappers into a plastic brick or eco bricks with the help of Sr Vennila. They collected plastics and bottles with the help of the children with the intention of teaching them uses of plastics and bottles instead of polluting the river and littering the area, using the garbage space that is allotted to them. One of the reasons this initiative took place is because of the pond that is at the back of the area which is polluted and used by the members and poses a threat to hazardous health problems. These bottle bricks are eco-friendly which has zero cost and are reusable, hence helps in cleaning the environment. This same awareness program was organized at water tank – Cheenagenahalli on 23 rd March 2022 for the children and parents around 50 beneficiaries benefited from it.

The resource person was successful in making the program interactive, insightful and energetic. The participants had a new learning and were motivated to practice making use of Eco bricks. Ms. Ambika Mech, MSW 1 st year wound up the session with a vote of thanks expressing her gratitude towards the resource person, participants, members of the slum community and the volunteers.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


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