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Awareness programme for the youth - 2018Back

Dean Ornish said, "Awareness is the first step in healing".
A youth awareness programme was held on 26th of August 2018 in FIDES for the youth of Ulsoor, Kaverinagar and 10 Villages. There were 83 participants for the programme. The chief guests and resource persons for the programme consisted of prominent personalities; Sr. Celine Jacob FMA, the Provincial of Sacred Heart Province Bangalore, Dr. Manu from East Point Hospital, Sr. Nirmala, Youth Coordinator of Karnataka region and Mr. Charly Manager of Federal bank, K R Puram. The participants from Ulsoor and Kaverinagar were given the travel allowance. The event commenced with the registration, followed by the presidential address of Sr. Celine Jacob, the Provincial of FMA, Bangalore. She conveyed the message of breaking the barriers of human race and being one. In her message, she spoke on how to love others and treat everyone as our family.

Dr. Manu led the first session on HIV and AIDS. In his session, he imparted the information like, basic idea of AIDS and HIV, the main concepts of disease starting with the identification and history, the preventive measures, how dangerous it is to humankind and legal details about it. He tried to give an input by informing the participants regarding the seriousness of this sickness and ways and means to handle it very accurately. AIDS is a syndrome that is not communicable easily through mere physical activities. This information constructed awareness on the mentality and attitude of people that there is no need to discriminate or differentiate a person suffering from AIDS. It developed an attitude of loving and interacting with the downtrodden and discriminated ones. The session was ended with a quote of Mother Treesa, “The greatest disease of the world is not leprosy or tuberculosis but feeling of being unwanted”.

Sr. Nirmala guided the post lunch session on Beauty and Life Achievement. It was an interactive session. It consisted of Fun and Games. The group activity was based on the topic of obstacles that comes in our life. One person from each group had to come up and speak about the difficulties in their life while achieving their aims. The resource person spoke about how one blames others and the difficulties in life. Many inspirational videos were shown to the audience for discussion. The moral of the videos contained about how people made their disability into their strength. The session ended with a thought that 'Beauty begins when you start being yourself, so just be yourself'.

Mr. Charly Devasia Manager of Federal bank, KR Puram led the third session. The session included several values that the youth should follow. There were many topics shared according to the need of the day. He spoke of the need to love and respect parents, whoever they are. They might not be the world’s most beautiful or strongest person. However, they are our parents. Another focus point was about dream, how we set our dreams and how should we make effort in order to achieve it.

The programme ended with the election and refreshment. The aim of the election was to select the leaders of the FIDES youth. The audience elected Miss Harshini as President, Miss Swathi as Vice president, Mr. John as Secretary and miss Shalini as Joint Secretory. The organizing committee also was decided. The representatives are Amala Mint from Village, Dominic from Ulsoor and Shilpa from Kaverinagar. According to the opinion of youth, the awareness programme held for the youth was an educative, valuable, innovative and enlightening programme.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


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