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Mentorship session on sales and marketing Back

The 6th mentorship program was held on 16thDecember 2018 at Auxilium School, Avalahalli. The program started with registration. The session began with introductory speech by Mr. Jose Paul and Ms. Soumya delivered her welcome speech followed by one minute of silent prayer. In her speech she introduced both the resource persons, Ms. HarmeetKaur and Mr. R. Ramakrishnan, to the audience. There were 152 participants.

The first session was handled by Mr. Ramakrishnan on the topic ''A career in sales and marketing’. Mr. Ramakrishnan has over 32 years of experience in Line Indian and Multinational Conglomerates viz, Titan, Godrej and Boyce, Hutchison Telecom, BPL US West Cellular Ltd., ING life insurance, Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. and so on. He has extensive experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, business development and customer relationship management across a wide spectrum of industries, consumer goods, Telecom life insurance and real estate. He has more than twenty years of experience at the leadership level, has groomed, and mentored many of his team members who are now at leadership positions at various organizations. He is also a mentor and business consultant to a couple of start up in the Tech Zone.

‘The session mainly focused on Sales and marketing. The session started with a question on how many have decided on a career, few students answered confidently that they have chosen their vocation already. The resource person continued his section with another question as to why sales and marketing as a profession. Before giving clarification to the question, he received many answers from the participants. He described the question with proper explanation such as, other than NGO'S all the other organizations are commercial organization and business is an integral part of economy, so if anyone choose to be a sales person there are six important points to be taken care of. First aspect is money- the sales person brings money to the company through his sales. Second, route into management- always CEO will be the centre of all sales, so if a sales man performs well it can be a route to the CEO post. Third, personal control- sales person knows what is to do for a particular market. Fourth, relative job security- as long as the sales person performing, his job will be safe. Fifth, finger on the pulse- he should know the need of the market and should bring feedback to the management. Finally, fun- according to the resource person, if we like to be in sales profession then it is fun to be a sales person.

The session also explained broadly about the downsides of being in sales profession. It demands a lot of hard work to be successful in sales career. Other than that, a sales person should be accountable for the product which he sales. Furthermore, this profession may make people disappointed at times .Apart from these, a sales person should always be on call as per the needs of the customers.

‘How to prepare for a sales career’ was the subtopic covered next. To start a career in sales a person needs to talk with people because it helps to know the needs. Moreover, reading many books to know the recent trends and changes in the market also aids a person to start a bright career in sales area. Doing some sales work provides experience to a person who wants to be in this career.

The first session was concluded by giving brief talk on sales vs. marketing. From his talk, it was clear that a sale is a small but important part of marketing. Marketing describes the entire process by which a company brings its product or services to its customers. It is complex and broadly involves strategic decision making, market research to know the need of the market, product management to stay relevant in market, advertising and sales.

The second session was led by Ms. Harmeet on ‘the need to choose a Career’ put forth other three tools to choose a suitable career. She explained on the career assessment test in detail. Different job competencies were focused in the session. Based on this test a person can understand a career, which they can choose and avoid. Next focus was on career by sectors. It was a group activity which called out the leaders and given them card consisting the names of different jobs. The audience was given the opportunity to select the job, which was done by the grandparents. After that each one was asked to select their parent’s job. Finally, each one was given the choice to move towards the career they choose for. The majority of students selected the field of Teaching, Banking, Engineering and medical field.

The resource person asked the audience that why there is a career change throughout the generations. This was an occasion to raise different opinions like, the emerging opportunities, choices and money oriented life. Next focus was on career by chance and career by choice. In this session the students were given the details of job opportunities based on their current courses. The session was summed up by introducing the next topic, Entrepreneurship and how to do Decision-making. Ms. Supriya thanked the resource persons, followed by the Refreshment for all the participants.

There were suggestions from the participants to simplify the topics and to make the sessions little more motivating. It is because the students are from different streams of interest. Listening to the same resource person so much time cause loses of interest according to the opinion of participants. The sessions should involve little more activities and to include some more practical sessions.

After the session a leader’s meeting was held to discuss on the social cause programme. Mr. Johny from United way along with the coordinator Jose Paul led the meeting explaining on how to move forward with the social cause programme. He suggested to conduct a need analysis survey in their own localities and to come up with solutions.



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