Jesus, the Good Shepherd


Arise to Wholeness


● Awareness sessions
● Counseling
● Skill Training
● Capacity building
● Talks and group sessions
● Seminars
● Family visits
● Exposure visit
● Medical camp
● Prayer meetings
● Net working with other NGOs
● Running of crèche for infants



Planning and evaluation Back

The planning and evaluation of FIDES staff was held on 4th April at FIDES. The activity of FIDES for the months of April and May was planned. During the evaluation more importance was given to the adoption letter writing specially to monitor the absentees for receiving the money and to take a decision whether to hold them further or to cancel them. According to the opinion of the directress it is indicated that message passed from the management is not reaching to all the group members since some of the groups are not so active. It was decided that one who does not attend the group meeting should not be given the adoption money. Sr. Sumi thanked every staff for their commitment for the success of Jubilee. The planning decided to have some activities in the month of April and May such as, FIDES cleaning, SHG auditing, summer holidays for staff, summer camp and adoption letter writing for children.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.