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Mentorship Programme Cum International Youth day Celebration - 2018Back

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin

The second Mentorship programme that was held on 12th of August 2018 was also celebrated as International Youth day with a very spectacular event of “Navrang” for the beneficiaries of GE Student Support Programme at Avalahalli. The programme started with registration followed by Breakfast for the participants. After the breakfast, all the participants painted the banner with different colours indicating colours of talents that is ‘Navrang’. The formal programme started at 9:15. Mr. Rajesh Krishna the Chief Operating Officer of United Way Bengaluru, Fr. Edward the Director of DIN, Ms. Smitha Sharma the Senior Manager from United way, Ms. Jyothi the manager Community Initiatives from United way, Ms. Reema and family, the mentors, were the chief Guests of the programme.

The pogramme started with a short moment of prayer especially remembering the flood victims of Kerala, followed by the brief introduction by Mr. Rajesh Krishnan, regarding the programme. He imparted a message on the importance of setting a Goal in life. His question on why is education important received many responses from the audience. According to one of the participants, education is not only a passion which makes the individual to achieve something, whereas it urges one to have the willingness to learn. The Mr. Rajesh also mentioned that One’s attitude is one’s success and a successful person is a student for life. He also added in his session that, smart person is the one who grabs the opportunity when it comes. The first session was summarized by appreciating all the supporters for contributing their time and wealth for the growth of students. There were 174 student participants for the programme.

International youth day celebration was flamed by the representatives from Students Committee along with all other Chief Guests. Mr. Johny the Senior Executive from United way explained the significance of youth success program, youth to be a part of social responsibility and need to be a change maker. His session consisted of video presentation of social volunteer activity done by the students. The students from Marthahalli and KR Puram initiated to do a volunteer activity to promote the importance of disposing the waste without harming the society and an awareness regarding the harmful effect of plastic usage. The best activity and the recorded video by the students were chosen based on the message contained. The students who had taken this initiative were felicitated and gifted with Certificates, T-shirt and Gift vouchers. The activity and the willingness of students impressed whole audience along with the chief guests. The volunteers Ms. Poornima and Ms. Supriya explained their activity through imparting a message on the importance of respecting the society and protecting it by becoming a change maker. They requested the audience to be self-responsible to segregate the waste and dispose it other than throwing in front of other’s house. In fact, it was an eye opening for the audience. Ms. Smitha Sharma added ingredients by sharing her thought on the significance of using personal protective equipment while doing such social activity.

The mentorship program, led by Ms. Sonali and Ms. Simron on Communication, provided few ideas regarding how to prepare an effective presentation with the use of power points. They planned to complete the topic through three subsequent mentorship programs. The first phases consisted of Basics of Presentation. Through the section, the participants came to know about the basic components of Power point presentation. The mentors motivated the students to take initiative and to have courage in presenting any concept. They provided input on the significance of making the presentation interesting, the need to keep it simple, the need of eye contact and smile while doing the presentation, the meaning of having through knowledge in the particular subject of presentation, and the necessity of practice and getting feedback. The mentorship section became more exciting through the involvement of Mr. Rajesh Krishnan and Ms. Smitha Sharma. They gave further instructions and more explanation on the topic and received feedback from the audience. One of the participants, Mr. Murali Prasad, second PUC student from Sarjapura, shared his experience about the participation of presentation in an international summit about pollution of rivers, which made the audience fascinated. During the mentorship programme, the mentors discerned an impromptu decision to make every student leaders to speak on a relevant topic for 2 minutes in the next meeting and all the students were so excited to select their topic to present. The section winded up with playing a music piece, using guitar by Ms. Sonali and Ms. Simron. Ms. Swathi delivered the vote of thanks to the mentors and participants.

Following the mentorship programme, the talents day ‘Navrang’ programs started. The masters of Ceremony were Ms. Madhusree and Supriya. There were six events conducted over 4 venues. Mr. Rajesh Krishna, Ms. Smitha Sharma, Fr. Edward, Ms. Jyothi, Sr. Deepa, and Ms. Bagya were the judges for the programs. Students participated in the programs with enthusiasm. Mr. Teja, who performed beat boxing in innovative talent section, won the prize. Mr. Murali, Ms. Manisha, Ms. Jennifer, and Ms. Vindhya, for face painting on the topic road safety and they shared the happiness of victory. In solo dance category Ms. Swathi won the first place by her energetic performance, meanwhile, Ms. Priya and group reached first for group dance. Ms. Divya and Ms. Jennifer bagged the prize for collage on the topic environmental pollution. In the section of solo singing, Ms. Chaithanya got first prize. All the winners were gifted with certificates and medals and the chief guests appreciated all the participants. Ms. Sarishma Thappa, the Anchor of the whole programme, received special appreciation from the chief guests. After the prize distribution function, vote of thanks for all the participants was conveyed. Lunch was provided to all who attended the program and the entire programme got over by 2 pm.



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