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On 17th March, 2013 ‘Women’s Day’ was celebrated by FIDES in the Auxilium School campus, Bandapura. At 11.00 am the programme began with a thunderous clap at the arrival of the chief guest and other invitees. The prayer dance by the Federation members invoked God’s blessings on the day’s event. The lighting of the kuthuvilakku (lamp) symbolized the presence of the Almighty in our midst.

The chief guest of the day Mrs. Dona Fernandes (President of Vimochana NGO) and the other special guests Dr. Anil Sangali (Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon, Mysore); Shri Y.V. Gundurao (retired (retired NABARD Officer) and Sri. Sripad Sangli (Certified Financial Planner and Legal Advisor (Mysore) were welcomed with a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful memento and the biography of Sr. Nancy Periera, the founder of FIDES.

Mrs. Dona Fernandes spoke passionately and urged the women to rise above all kinds of discriminations like inequality in the family and society, to stand for their rights, to fight and stop all atrocities against women and girls and many other problems like dowry harassment, rape, murder, girl child infanticide etc. faced by women. God has created every woman just as he created man equally and independently. To prevent these evils women need awareness and education. We need to put an end to child marriages, encourage and give opportunities to women for higher education and make them responsible in the family. Mrs. Dona inspired a revolutionary stance to promote the cause of women in society.

Besides, SHGs are not meant only for financial matters or for maintaining detailed account. SHGs are meant to promote peace, harmony, social changes and help one another to uplift the lives of weaker women. Women should be role models for the family, neighbourhood and nation at large. God has gifted only to women, the capacity to bearing children so we have to feel great and proud to give birth to children be it boy or girl. Women are not only to be confined to the kitchen and carry out the task there. They have equal rights like every other human being to live, grow and enjoy fullness of life. Mrs. Dona spoke at length to convince the women present to bring about change in their lives.

Sri Y. V Gundu Rao in his lively and humorous talk exhorted women to be independent and to give their best without any comparison for a united and happy family. He made use of examples and stories to drive home his message. He said, “My life in my hands and so everyone’s life should be in their own hands”, a life without dependency. In building up a family the woman plays an important part. A woman has to play different roles such as a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother with the qualities of loving, caring nursing and so on. Without a woman it is impossible for the society to improve and grow. God has placed a number of qualities in her and no one can destroy them. These qualities have to be used in a productive way and useful way. Though gathering of women at times is looked upon negatively by society, you have proved that it is not so with your SHGs. You meet for the purpose of growing intellectually, materially and psychologically. Read more.

Dr. Anil Sangli, Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon (Colombia Asia Hospital, Mysore), during his interactive talk answered the questions put forward by the women specially on matters regarding breast cancer, thyroid, heart attack, deficiencies during midlife and after, jaundice etc.

Sri Sripad Sangli sang a beautiful song composed by him as a tribute to all the women present. He also spoke on the issue of financial Planning. He stressed on the importance of Health Insurance and minimum savings even at low wages.

Sri Jose Kalayil, (Integro Chief Executive Officer) who was also one of our guests had prepared our website. With joy radiating on his face he announced that when he began his work he had 2 men and 3 women under him. But today he has 12 women and 2 men under him. He believes that women are intelligent, efficient and active in their work. This is a proof of his respect and appreciation for women He exhorted the women to be happy, united and regular in their work. Consider everyone as gods and treat people with love and respect. Work with love as work is worship. His talk seemed to give a plan of action for life to the women present.

Sri Sripad Sangli launched FIDES new website: www.fidesbangalore.com. FIDES is proud of its capacity to link with the world and all people of good will and become more visible.

Mr. Rudrappa (Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies) was also present to encourage us. He is a friend and supporter of FIDES as he had great esteem and veneration for Sr. Nancy, he founder of FIDES.

Sr. Alice Chacko, Vice Provincial and Animator of the Provincial House, in her talk reminded the women of their own dignity and self worth. Women are not to be slaves of anyone. God has blessed women with qualities of endurance, patience, courage, creativity, moral strength intuition etc. God has shared his power of giving life to women. Women are here in this world to love, to share to serve, to build and to give life as sister, wife and mother.

The following invitees Dr. Harish K. N. Dental Surgeon, Sri Rajappa , Social worker, Sri Somanath Babu - Manager (Central Bank) Sri Ramesh Rao- Manager ( Karnataka Bank) too have contributed much for the success of the day’s programme either by their enriching presence or by their generous contribution in kind and free service.

Though the organizers expected only about 800, over 1800 women turned up. They made the day memorable by their presence in groups with their own uniform sarees. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to profit much from the talks and cultural activities is commendable. The groups vied with each other to show their strength, unity and talent through the presentation of skits and dances depicting the evils present in society especially among women who while away their free time which could be used for building themselves up by joining self help groups and other social activities.

Iskon temple authorities provided lunch for the women at free of cost. The combined effort of FIDES staff and sisters Sumi and Celine Maria Selvam made the day’s programme a success.

FIDES is grateful to all who contributed to the success of the day’s programme.Hide


Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.