Jesus, the Good Shepherd


Arise to Wholeness


● Awareness sessions
● Counseling
● Skill Training
● Capacity building
● Talks and group sessions
● Seminars
● Family visits
● Exposure visit
● Medical camp
● Prayer meetings
● Net working with other NGOs
● Running of crèche for infants



Planning and evaluation Back

The planning of activities for the month of January 2019 was held on 31st November 2018 at FIDES. The meeting started with the invocation to God the Almighty. The agenda of meeting consisted of computer lab furnishing, silver jubilee preparations, inviting the chief guests for jubilee, jubilee programmes, collecting the details of staffs and the well wishers, conducting the free medical camps. The computer lab work is under progress . In this situation, the remaining work of the lab needs to be completed with the support of benefactors. In order to reduce the cost of making a lab the staff were asked to find out cheap and best quality of items. Regarding jubilee, the directress Sr. Sumi insisted all the staff to prepare well for the programmes well in advance. The meeting also discussed on the need to meet the event management team to explain the jubilee programmes of FIDES. As a result the Directress along with the staffs decided to meet the drama people as early as possible. In the month of January, it was decided to conduct a free eye checkup at KVN and Village in various dates. The NCP children will be given an awareness session on health and education in the month of January.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.