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Planning and evaluation - 2017Back

Go back to the origin. A well-furnished planning and evaluation was formed on 6-07-2017 for the FIDES organization in the presence of Superior Sr. Monica, sr. Sumi the Directress of FIDES and all other staff of FIDES.

The planning brought out a constructive method to improve the quality of FIDES. The evaluation promulgated the importance of bringing up FIDES by finding out new working areas. Many suggestions and discussions were emerged during the planning.

The planning was stated with prayer and discussed on the banking at Kaverinagar, Auditing of the Groups, the improvement of the groups, loan repayment, and process of giving the loan, making amendment in loan rules, restarting the decayed groups and concentrating to the families other than the groups.

The superior, Sr. Monica reminded that to take the FIDES to its goal and a few other instructions were given to the FIDES organization. Sr. Monica said that since FIDES is an organization it should have its own planned vision and activities. So the FIDES was demanded to maintain the documents and the records of events.

She also insisted that Sr. Sumi will be the in charge for all the functioning of groups and especially staff is asked together in the office once in a week (Thursday) for the prayer and daily report submission of the activities.

Sr. Monica expressed that working together with one mind and heart in all the activities happening in FIDES is important. The inclusion of DBTech staff for the planning and evaluation also was another aspect of discussion in the planning.

One of the dreams of Sr. Monica was to train the school drop outs and provide education for achieving quality education and get settled their life. The holidays of staff and provision of giving refreshment for the staff during the staff meeting were another area of discussion.

It was mentioned in the meeting that the incentives of the staff will be provided based on the overtime consideration, the loan given for Ms. Murugeswori also was another center of discussion in the planning.

A conclusion was drawn that the staff should connect with one another; think on how to move forward in the current context, finding out new working areas.



Sr. Nancy Pereira FMA


To ensure united and happy families by promoting health and hygiene, empowering children, young people and women at all levels, and promoting socio economic development.